Medical Escort Transport Service


MedCare can be booked for trips to hospitals and clinics for doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, dialysis and so on, as well as to day care centres. Upon request, we are able to have a transport assistant escort clients from their door to the appointment location.

Social Outing Transport Service


MedCare can also be booked as a transport service for social outings. We understand how participating in recreational and social activities is important to our quality of life. Thus, we hope to enable wheelchair users and persons with mobility issues to enjoy spending time with their loved ones outdoors, at social events or performances.

Each vehicle can accommodate up to three wheelchairs and five seated passengers. Please note that trips have to be booked at least two days in advance.

One-Way Two-Way Hourly (Min. 3 hours)
Peak S$113
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Weekdays 7am to 11am
Weekdays 3pm to 7pm
Off-Peak S$95
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Weekdays 11.01am to 2.59pm

Our services are available for booking at different rates outside of the listed timings.

You can also contact us on WhatsApp to book your ride.